Bienvenue et Welcome

Welcome to my new Portfolio site - mon book en ligne. I have been meaning to get this site up for quite some time, but I resolved to get something up, so here it is. I'll be working on it bit-by-bit, but there have been a few false starts.

An original version of this message appeared on a WordPress-powered blog a few weeks ago, but I have since moved over the the Apache Roller weblog software. I'll explain why I did sometime soon.

This is not the extent of this site. There is an awesome Ruby-on-Rails-powered application that I'll be launching soon to show off the work I've done over the last few years (at least that which isn't under NDA), but for now please enjoy this blog. I'll use the blog space to detail some of the projects I'm working on (including some open-source projects), as well as to share various bits of information I've learned (or gleaned) that have helped me to get up and running developing websites and applications.

Of course, I could have mixed this all in with my personal blog (update: content now merged back into Perhaps I'm being a little self-indulgent by having two blogs (neither of which are updated quite as often as they should be), but I believe the audiences are different. The innards of PHP, Java or Ruby configuration don't (and shouldn't) interest everyone.

Here it is. Thanks for reading.


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