Using Flock

For the first two posts on this blog I used the WordPress editor through my browser. Despite following certain Internet trends closely, I am not at all au fait with blogging. I did remember though that there were some external editors available. Trying them out might encourage me to blog more often.

A couple months ago I downloaded Flock. I had read a couple articles about it, and I wanted to see what all the hype was about. My first impression was that I liked the look and feel a lot, but because I didn't feel any need for the 'value added' features (which is the raison d'être of this browser) I haven't opened it since my first install.

After doing a search to look for external blog editors, I recalled that Flock has an editing feature. Its this editing feature that I am using at the moment to write this blog entry. I don't really know what a blog editor should look like though, so I'd welcome some recommendations from the four or five of you that currently read my blog! It doesn't have a spell checker (although that doesn't necessarily bother me that much). Forgive the 'woolly' terms, but it does feel 'snappy' and 'comfortable' as a writing tool. That's more than I can say about the second most used application on my Mac desktop (Word)!


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