I received a friendly reminder to update my blog the other day.

I still haven't got the hang of it. It's partly because I don't really think I lead an eventful enough life to talk about it in great detail, and it's partly that I am not sure a blog deserves a great deal of my time. I could (and may still) start commenting on issues of "current importance", but that would be very time consuming.

I am in the midst of writing essays. I have 8 or 9 essays to write in the next 6 weeks, and then that will be it. Unless I prevaricate and do a Master's, never again will I have to write an essay.

But I digress.. I have the same problem with writing essays as I do with writing blogs. The first few postings (which were really for test purposes) were an exception. I seek perfection. I don't want to output more dross, prosaic banalities. If I'm going to have a blog I feel I should write something gripping.

In the window in which I am typing there are five draft articles listed. They're all unfinished, because I don't yet think they're suitable for general consumption.

On my desk there are three draft essays. They're also also unfinished, because I don't yet think they offer any originality of thought.

I would say it was Writer's Block, but then my levels of pretension would soar. I am, most likely, not a Writer.


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