Once in a very occasional while a visitor stumbles across this excuse-for-a-blog. And when they do, they feel inclined to chastise me for lack of content. So, I thought I'd let any occassional visitors know what I am up to.

After completing university last year, I came over to the US for the summer. After completing most of a couple freelance jobs, I stopped in New York. I hadn't planned to stay, but somehow I ended up doing so... after several weeks of trying half-heartedly to look for work, then a couple weeks of serious "I'm broke I better get a job" looking, three jobs came along at once. I took a job with a technology startup company, which I thought would be the most interesting - and most challenging.

I've now been in New York coming up to six months, and in my current job for 3½ months. There are plenty of things I miss about being in London, but its great to have the challenge of being in a new place.


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