New Year, New Start and Finish

I have a constant stream of ideas, but I do have to admit to finding it hard to finish things. My lack of content on this blog is rather indicative of some of the difficulties, not with picking up the (metaphorical) pen, but with laying it to rest, adding a full stop, and closing the paragraph.

While I've liked the idea of having a blog, its not something I have really put to use. A blog, it seems, is something is pretty much expected for those making their living in the technology industry. In my case though I am told that this blog is bordering on 'pitiful' for its lack of content (the words, nonetheless, of one of my closest friends). Instead it has become more of a 'metablog' with me blogging on blogging, and offering my excuses for not writing more often.

Up until a few weeks ago my WordPress 'Draft' folder was littered with the remnants of half-finished writings that had been created over the last 2 years or so, but never finished. In a fit of desire for some closure, I went through and deleted the entirety of these half-baked works... (Parenthetically, somehow my observations on the student politics, dirty student politics, and minor scandal, no longer seem relevant to me.)

I am still suffering from the same condition that I first encountered in my early teens. I start the first paragraph with such zeal and optimism. Ideas pouring over. Then my ambitions get the better of me, and the work becomes unsustainable. I remember my creative writing in secondary school would show this. Beginning. Middle. No End. I was once so flippant as to add 'to be continued' on an end of term essay, which managed to earn me not only a letter mark far down the Greek alphabet, but an equally flippant response from my teacher. Well, this year I must be better.


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